How to beat/farm Pegasus Lvl 40 (Gate)

Heres a good Lvl 40 farm deck. Make sure you either have 2 barriers up or 1 barrier+1 ring of Mag equipped to you wall active at the same time to avoid 1 of them being wild tornadoed away. Do that and he literally cant touch you. 2nd to last turn you set summoner and dimensionhole it away. Final turn, before anything, murmur his mammoth so its effect wont screw you over. Then flip summoner, sac wall for BEUD or MoO, summon Vassal and you're set for game
Don't copy decks from others
<< Anonymous
You say that literally in a website designed to share decks that can and WILL be copied.
<< Anonymous
This guy straight copied my deck with 0 credit. Lulz.
🔥 you all, this my farm deck pegasus, low life like you all copy this deck and zero credit for me
<< Anonymous
Lol drink bleach kiddo.


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^Yeah, pretty much similar to sixsam dual wield. There can't be two x-saber on the OP field
I have some bad news for you that involves Infenities then.
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