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QUESTION- Will this card put you back in to your draw phase and activate Heart of the Underdog, or keep it going?
...You can't activate Normal Spells in the Draw Phase. Reload would work for what you're trying to use this for, though. (Technically Diamond-Dust Cyclone, Guard Penalty, Shared Ride and Strike of the Monarchs would work too, but they're obviously... Less effective.)
Sweet thank you so much, i thought i could save the trouble of getting reload but now I know. :)
<< Anonymous
even reload wont work, since underdog only draws for your normal draw. atleast if i remember that right.
<< Anonymous(akubane)
You are incorrect. And really, the fact it can trigger off itself should've already made that obvious.
<< Anonymous
sorry, my mistake



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you need to be a lot more specific than that
Honestly, Cardians are only big brain when you start off because its learning curve starts pretty...
Jep jep - Bad Talking - Self Using !!
No, it won't. They've been using this model for years in the TCG and it's worked p...
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