Card Trader [Nov 2019 Updated]

Evil Rick
I literally cracked up when I saw Venom Cobra as the only new addition to the Card Trader.
Konami's way to troll F2P players. As if they said "You don't spend money? You deserved to get Venom Cobra"
<< Anonymous
And also the aztekipede card only appeared for me once only. Wtf I want more copies of it
I honestly didn't even remember Venom Cobra exist lol. Thought we already got all the Venom cards.
Same here. And the cost to get one is pretty high. I know now that's their standard. Gotta laugh at the fact that a lot of old very useful R cards cost way less.
<< Anonymous
Magnet warriors are f2p though, and so are tiramids


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Well, spirit monsters are like that in general. Izanagi and mirror of yata can remove iwato side ...
Meh I'll wait for the mini box.
hahaha he got you there
Ohhhhh, okay :( Thanks for clarifying
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