Electric Overload

Realm 18days ago
I guess Im the 1st amongst unluckiest guys who buy this pack and post here.
Anoymous 18days ago
that sucks bro thank god i only spent 10 bucks on this pack and got the ninja trap and now i can make a ninja deck
Realm 16days ago
When the game hate you with a passion.
<< Anonymous(Realm)
Realm 16days ago
Correct pic.
Meib 15days ago
I was in the same situation. I reset the box. Got XYZ Dragon dupe as my only UR until 90 packs in..
HuyTran 15days ago
Is this Vietnam currency?
<< Anonymous(Meib)
LULZ 15days ago
Are you all idiots? Why would you reset?! You get like 5 UR's in like the next 10 Packs?! You are garunteed UR's. Finish the box and you get every single card in the box! Real idiots. Nice job
Disgrace to da community ( not really, but are you for real?!)
<< Anonymous(LULZ)
Anoymous 15days ago
Realm 9days ago
I'm super duper lucky! xD


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why don't you get rid of your sorry as*, this card is not broken, you just mad you got your ...
Im simple. Whe i see Toon Kindom, i surrender already.
first of all that image does not look like photoshopped, whoever said it was is a dickweed and do...
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