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People calling this pack average are morons. How can people not see how strong Gozuki is going to be. Zombies are getting massive support and will very soon become a teir 1 deck. They even put a second Goblin Zombie into the game for even more support. Expect to see more support when the Bakura event makes its way back too. This pack has BY FAR the best UR cards out of any current box and if you are going for any packs other that Crimson Kingdom, you will be left behind in the next meta. This is the frist of many power-creep packs.
Hahaha best ur cards hahahaha last I checked kuriboh was rated best card in the game. I don't see a kuriboh quality card in there. One that is awesome and can be put in every deck
<< Anonymous
Haahahaha BEST Pack ?? Tier 1 ?? You joking ?? Maybe for Red-Eyes, yes it's a good pack. But for the rest, it's all trash.
They don't really put out generally good URs anymore. They just put out UR cards that build specific pre made decks. There is no versatility in the URs in the box. They just build a mediocre expensive zombie/Red eyes deck. I haven't bought a pack since wonders of the sky because they keep doing this. I want a kuriboh/mirror wall every deck good quality card or no spendy
kuriboh? well, not anymore. ultimate providence and kuriboh is history. mirror wall? well, not a problem neither... ultimate providence and goodbye mirror wall. So much for the "best" cards in the game that can be easily countered with a R card from the NEW pack.
The only reason kuriboh WAS the best card in the game was because there was no reliable cards to counter it, until now
<< Anonymous
not to mention chivalry



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Sorry ur opponent is quite f u cked up bro you use dark core on him next and bye bye Ra
I dueled someone who was running this with Lightsworn.
I could see the first two happening but the last one would be something else like E-Emergency Cal...
Tag Duel 1428
A fun event for me, and now that they are adding GX for it, here are some of the hilarious proble...
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