Jesse Anderson Unlock Event: Awaken! Rainbow Dragon! [May 20 updated]

Why the hell is the cheating asshole Zane in this event? Worse, he’s only level 40, the most 🔥ous of all. Back then I made a deck specifically to beat him and he still cheats his way to victory 8 times out of 10. The same pattern continues now. Why is this 🔥 here again?
Zane is in this event because it's a reference to an episode in GX where Zane and Jesse duels to get gather duel energy. That's how Jesse got his Rainbow Dragon card in the anime.
<< Anonymous
Although strangely enough, the corrupted Zane that we have in this event is not what Jesse faced in that episode.

In that episode Jesse faced the good Zane, not his Hell Kaiser persona.

I dunno why Konami gave us the Hell Kaiser version instead in DL.
<< Anonymous
He never "changed back" from his Hell Kaiser persona really. He did start respecting his opponents again around the time of this Duel, though. He still clearly had a fairly aggressive personality in that particular duel (indeed, that intensity is why he was chosen for it), and mostly kept it until his body gave out.
<< Anonymous
He did duel Dark Zane m8
somebody is overreacting. It's just a video game there is no need for your dramatics
<< Anonymous(Jorudi)
He beat zane when he possesed by yubel.


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They're zombies after all. You can't k!ll something that's already dead.
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Or make it level 12 first with Yubel+level augmentation
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