Yami Marik

Bakura 21days ago
I don't how good is to put Lava Golem. I don't think any normal player doesn't want such awesome character turning into another lame Weevil.
Bakura 21days ago
Ulle 20days ago
I think Marik will mainly be used in some kind of Mill & Burn deck with this Shadow Game skill and I like this idea.
にっが 18days ago
Ikr. Maybe he will get something for god cards in the future lmao
Yami Bakura 6days ago
Lava Golem has a dumb effect, u tribute 2 monsters in your opponents side,and you take 1000 damage per standby phase,not to mention Lava golem has 3000 attack
Yami Marik 6days ago
It's YOU (the controller) who takes the damage, not me (the owner).
<< Anonymous(Yami Bakura)
Anoymous 5days ago
combine it with mask of the accursed and you get rid of 2 oppent monsters and your opponent gets 1500 dmg per turn
<< Anonymous(Yami Bakura)
yami marik 2days ago
Your wrong idiot your opponent takes. 1k dmg each turn lol read lava golems effect noob
<< Anonymous(Yami Bakura)
Razaelriezen 17hour ago
The person in control of lava golem loses 1,000 so you get rid of 2 monsters opponent has and they take 1,000 each turn


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