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Yes, Calin & Carly means Infernity & Fortune Ladies. Then Duke Devlin, what cards shall you have??...?~~
Orgoth the Relentless and Summon Dice.
<< Anonymous
I actually just realized they released Orgath in the lastest pack. Here's hoping Duke is the July new LD because this new TCG pack means more just released cards.
<< Anonymous
Maybe not July, since the only character unlock event left is for GX character and is very likely Zane.

Let's hope for August or September latest.
<< Anonymous(Kiddo)
Daemon Blitzkrieg
Zane & Atticus/Nightshroud should be the last of the GX + Sora, who I know is technically ArcV but I'd personally love it if he and Obelisk Force showed up to invade before ArcV's release to build up to its eventual release.

But ya know, that's me
<< Anonymous(Daemon Blitzkrieg)
Zane and Atticus won't be the last, because there's an event for Yubel coded into the game, as well as Sartorious and Tyranno Hassleberry. But Yubel is 100% going to be revealed probably either with Zane's unlock event, or with a future "dark world" event. Because they've been hinting at them ever since the game "glitched" and revealed them
<< Anonymous
Daemon Blitzkrieg
Oh right, forget about Yubel... And as much as I love their characters, Axel & Tyranno have no special cards about them as they've all been released in Packs. Letting them out as fill characters seems like a waste now unless their special abilities are completely unique. :/
<< Anonymous
Daemon Blitzkrieg
Same goes for Chumley, if he was in their plans as well.



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15 years of playing a childish card game :^)
until you relize its "from their Effects" which isn't a think on a normal monster LUL
Obsessed with this card from the Yu Gi Oh Duellists of Roses ps2 game from years ago
Not really moron you do know that Ra has Phoenix mode and Sphere mode right if you seen the tv se...
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