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I suggest holding out your gems as Harpy decks are the new Shiranui.
New Shiranui, what do you mean:
- become meta for a long time
- will eventually be nerfed a lot
- or both
That's what blue eyes will become.

Mark this comment: once BE gets nerfed they are gonna start running >8 backrow to compensate
<< Anonymous
BE wont get nerf. it just simple deck full of vanilla. easy to understood each effect. not like other archetype that have long statement but final result is 1 (Crystron) destroy!! (Onomatoplay) XYZ!! Etc...

BE is simple. i set a card i end my turn. i activate consonance i end my turn, white stone effect, no battle phases. your turn Cosmic Cyclone karma cut. 🔥 Blue eyes see simple
<< Anonymous(anonymous)
Yea? Darklord is very simple too. Just summon FA Hang on Mach and level aug. But I bet we all still want it to be nerfed.
<< Anonymous
Imo both level augmentation and level duplication will be nerfed to last until the end of main phase.


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u use all your hand just for 1 play ... then what? onomats turn 1 bounzer + 3 sets LOL
Bien, gracias, ¿y tú?
Any tiered deck from here: Or here: https://www.duellin...
the link to the lv 40 farm page is broken
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