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HoHoHo...... Tho I don't know what should I do w/ this card
Me, Myself and I
Keep it for the lols of it
No... don't just keep it, play it using this deck.
It's a pretty decent one.
See it for yourself, Dlv 25, undefeated!
It's one of the coolest waifu cards btw, too bad spell counters are not very competitive right now, buy maybe in the future. I believe they don't give us too many complex decks because the world is having some kind of intelligence crisis thanks to tv and pew-diepie
Awesome card, but spell counter decks are a bit complex for me atm hehe
Run with Spellbooks and you can easily summon high lvl spellcaster in your hand after 1 or 2 turns


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Why is that sad? Red-Eyes for life bro
Fun fact: When Gearfried the Red-Eyes Knight will be available, you can't even use him with ...
Yeah, it's because the GameA team is doing a bad job about updating pages (and many other th...
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