Dino Survival's End: deck recipe [May 2020]

Very competitive deck, maybe only yubel and skull meister can stop it but it'd still be op. Good thing it's f2p
skull meister, for sure, inside any deck it can counter such traps always.
yubel alone can't counter easily this deck if you know how to chain traps. You have many chances in order to avoid wasting more than a single "survival's end" to shut yubel up.
Totally tiered
I haven't met too many ppl running skull meister to be honest
<< Anonymous
You must not play this game to even say that
Skull Meister is gone. Only Shi En can counter it; but it's still poggers with Sphere Kuriboh
this deck has a lot of UR in it. How is it F2P.
<< Anonymous
in the past it didn't have this many, also survival's end doesn't count because you don't get it from packs, canadia is the only ur you used to need from packs and you didn't need 3 to make a kog worthy deck when this deck was popular, it was the best f2p deck
Saddly this deck will never be f2p anymore


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It's not too bad. I play a BEWD Lightsworn Deck. BE Spirit Dragon, Michael and Dragon, Spiri...
Limit cards by their status as P2W.
We want these boys back, the meta is ready
How about sinister yorishiro?
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