Echoes of Silence Duel Links Card Pack

Wave King Caesar
This is one of the better packs in the game. Silent Magician is a good beatstick monster that's relatively easy to get and build a deck for. Servant of Kings,Dawn of Destiny and Echoes of Silence are the best of the mini packs. Honourable mention to Blades of Spirit.
WTF Mate hahahahha this cards were good 9 months ago hahahahah Silent Magican isnt playable in the current meta ... you will be stuck in platin
<< Anonymous
in this fast meta of PVP yeah, but as a casual deck, Silent Magician is still really good. 3500 ATK unaffected by opponent's Spells makes her a really strong thing.
<< Anonymous
It's not too bad as f2p deck if you want a reasonably strong monster with a good that's also easy to build.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Abyss Encounters is the best pack right now.
as f2p player better invest in burn or in the new pack ... alien is very cheap and if you have enough cards you can build a SSA deck wich is probably the strongest atm



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If they add Beast,Dragon and Goblin you can create insane loop with it
Cyber darks aren’t meta in any way though
This game sucks balls and dick and ass but mostly ass
This game sucks balls and dick and ass but mostly ass
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