Chemicritter (Gemini): deck recipe

Update the decklist to include multiple ogres and oxy ox?
No offense but you shouldn't rely/ expect gamea to update their decks EVERY TIME new cards or box is released and keep copying their build. Try to update the deck/ build one yourself. Deck building is one huge part of playing ygo
<< Anonymous
The Other Guy
...Except whenever a strategy gets a decent amount of new support (i.e., new/more copies of Chemicritters appearing, Gemini support coming out semi-recently, etc.), and with this deck directly relating to an event currently going on right now, Gamea might have reason to listen to such a request. Not to say it'll instantly jump to the top of their to-do list, but still.
<< Anonymous(The Other Guy)
Listen: I'm working on it, but this is nothing game-breaking. The best piece of support we got for "Gemini" is Gemini Spark and it has no synergy with the Chemiwhatever they're called.
<< Anonymous(ValleCula)
Just wait for catalyst field and they will at least be a rogue deck.
<< Anonymous
Well, nobody said it had to be game-breaking. It's a Bastion deck, after all. So long as it's consistent in... whatever it does, it'll be fine.


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