Tour Guide's Mission Bingo Event [Jan 2022]

They have been very generous lately. That's pretty nice. They renewed duel stamps at ranked duels. Duel A-thon Bing missions and now they added another card flipping campaign. - And yeah, the nice amount of Gems that KC Cup gives is nice as well. Many gems ^^
Wtf I just built karakuri XD which is way more expensive than koa'ki meiru. Still not 3 diamond but 2 Shogun lol
Mr. Bricky
I know you want this card so bad
<< Anonymous(Mr. Bricky)
Yeah, just got my 3rd copy 30 mins ago.
<< Anonymous
koa'ki meiru claps, just play core reinforcements and tth if you don't have canadia or some other expensive backrow
<< Anonymous(Mr. Bricky)
dont 🔥 me, i see that deck or one of the new metas like AG or BEWD or karakuri and i instantly surrender, not gonna waste time against those idiotic meta decks, ffs have some originality and make your own deck dont go copy everybody else
<< Anonymous
So in other words... you just surrender every time you try to play PVP. Got it.

Speaking of, buddy-boy, what's your current deck design?
<< Anonymous(Mr. Bricky)

...Even though I'm not seeing it as much...


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You forgot about adding this icon
I love how Rosemary ignores Sphere Kuribohs and Kiteroids. Shame Aromages aren't strong enou...
You’re fair, asking for the Destiny Heroes that actually can be added, such as Dragoon D En...
lunalight is still missing cards
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