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Can someone please explain to me the idea behind the meta not being diverse? Looking at the tier 1 list alone there are 14 of 15 decks that are being played competitively. The idea that the meta isn't competitive must be put in relation to something, generally the tcg, as the tcg is the most relatable card game to duel links. So, assuming we relate it to duel links because, the two are the most relatable comparitively to other card games, we can look at the list of top meta decks, then we can look at the number of players that play the aforementioned decks. In the tcg there are only 5 notable decks payed within tournaments: Zoodiac (337 players), True Draco(86), Paleozoic (30), Windwitch (29), and True King Dino (28). (The next closest being a mere 9 people) Duel links on the other hand has a more even spread of players(not to say there isn't a skew). On the ranked ladder you will find Red Eyes, Ninja, naturia, Phoenix, control, invader, hammer shark, toon, mill, etc.( this list not including any rogue decks or tier 2 decks) So in comparison duel links is truly diverse, and while some decks are played more than others, it is undisputable that the duel links has, in some compacting, diversity. Id like to note a discrepancy in my own argument, the comparison made to the tcg. The tcg might not be the most compatible partner but to my knowledge it is.
U must understand this is an app. Tcg are generally playing from the physical way. What u see as diverse might not be the case. Players here can play duel links anywhere. They played more no. of games here in compared to physical ones, therefore the experience triggered is many times more. E.g we might met red eyes 4/6 games, its enough to conclude meta abuse.
<< Anonymous(Magic)
no it's just people who have never played a game with any sort of competitive form before complaining about nothing
<< Anonymous
You won't see people complain about meta much in games like dota, as they made rapid updates and changes to balance for the better. Its very hard for yugioh because of its relationship with the physical game. They cannot reprint a whole set of cards to balance to some cards, thats a major problem.
Tier lists in yugioh are different than tiers lists in a fighting games. In yugioh tiers lists really are just literally guides. You could still potentially come up with a deck that no one else has thought of and destroy people. Additionally, even with decks of a certain archtype it's unlikely for multiple players to have identical decks.
And that's why I stopped playing the tcg, and starting playing duel links. The tcg meta is just stupid.



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For Mokuba ou Ishizu Light deck it's very stronger than Blue Eyes White Dragon, you must con...
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