Wonders of the Sky

This pack is honestly 🔥. The good cards are rare and the rare cards are bad.
To rephrase:
The pack is 🔥. The good cards never appear and a lot of the SRs and both URs kinda suck.
None of the cards in the packs are very relevant now.
the only decent ones might be big bang shot.
Everything else is rather outdated by now.

Also this pack wasn't all that good to begin with when it was still new either (but still better than it is now).
Armageddon Designator is literally the only possibly relevant card in this box now.

And even then, like I said, it's just "possibly" relevant.
dr. Zakar Naik
Summoned Skull is relevant now. Not meta, but quite competitive. Trust me, I'm a medical docter


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