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Please add dartz too the game
how, most cards he used dont exist in tcg/ocg yet, as far is i know only the dive serpet geh does
He also has two Orichalcos cards printed, but they don't work with each other.
<< Anonymous
Seriously, people needs to stop being dumb and asking for characters with practically no card reward.

Only characters with enough cards to be used as rewards can be made available in DL, and you also need most of their cards be NOT slapped on a box.
<< Anonymous
[cough] Tristan Taylor [*cough]
Dartz would be nice but I see them putting in Duke and Rafael before Dartz gets in, mainly because both of them have a good number of cards printed IRL that they could use for duel rewards (DDM monsters and Guardians respectively) also I could see them bringing in Zeigfried and Leon von Schroeder before Dartz as they also have a decent pool of IRL cards.
<< Anonymous
Tristan has enough of his cards printed, of course he can get in.
stop your getting people mad about fack stuff.
<< Anonymous(Celestia4683)
Oh boi Kaiba technically owned dartz in and the pink rose hair guy in the series. Since they are adding non manga characters such as Sartorius, Hassleberry and Chumley I don't really see any reason not to give us Dartz since plenty of people remember him.



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13 packs left no necrovalley...
"You´re a wizard, Jaden! - Konami, 2019.
wow you are so smart!
anyone have a usable deck? Maybe with balance Dark Valkyria? Not sure how quickly this can move...
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