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Horrible card. Weak stats. Many graveyard effects can still be activated. Not a single useful interaction in today’s meta. Blue-Eyes, Superheavy Samurai, Dark Magician, fireking, noble knights... all of them still can use their graveyard effects.
"Many graveyard effects can still be activated."
No, they can't because that's exactly the effect of this card. Don't get confused with other GY related effects.
<< Anonymous
He probably chained abyss dweller to already activated effects thinking this would UNactivate them. Reading is hard
<< Anonymous
Yu-Gi-Oh!: The card game that tests your text comprehension skills
This card is basically a big threat for both defensive and offensive if atlantean heavy infantry is attached on it. Moreover, XYZ block strenghten its defensive power against most of meta cards like harpie slash or blue eyes alternative. You just basically need to know how to use this card :))
<< Anonymous
usually Xyz beat down decks take advantage of TTH instead and have no room for more traps.


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^ That's not entirely true. There is a 37% chance that you start with Trade-In and a Level ...
They're zombies after all. You can't k!ll something that's already dead.
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Or make it level 12 first with Yubel+level augmentation
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