Amazoness Swords Woman | Deck and Rulings

When you are really bad at this game: - " Oh please limit this, limit that " - Worst players ever.
I'm fine with the limits, the problem is that there is no compensations in this game

Some other card games give a certain amount of resources for crafting another card.

But yes, there is no craft too.

<< Anonymous
Crafting is only appealing in lame card games. This is YGO.
<< Anonymous
I second the comment above, I like the way the game is; asking for compensation about a R card like spellbook of fate... seems to be the most dumb thing I've read in a while. Seriously, compensation for R cards... wow, some guys are just... special
<< Anonymous(Piper)
You did not say a single argument why this game is better than others, except 🔥s

Well, I did not expect logic from 8 yers old pokemon monster lover anonymous on this site.
So you are one of the 🔥 player that uses this card


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Can be summoned from the graveyard by monster reporn
Yugioh duel links tea dm ritual. Master
Yes. Very much so.
It usually happens to me too when I activate "trap hole of spikes"
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