Amazoness Swords Woman | Deck and Rulings

why they not limit this 🔥!? this card very annoying than onslaught reflect damage is BS.
Amazoness Rapist
Just use Ancient Gears structure deck and enjoy making the sore Amazoness users cry as they achieve constant losses to you ;).
<< Anonymous(Amazoness Rapist)
Amazoness Swords Woman's effect is not activate thus Ancient Gear monsters cannot negate it.
there are cards that negate monster effects. in fact there are too many cards (but im typing what we all already know)
Well, your wish is granted

Although it's even more BS that they claimed the hit is to soften Amazoness, when Amazoness is not even in the meta anymore. It's clear the hit is meant for Lava Golem Stall decks (since they also nerfed Parasite Infestation at the same time), but they blamed Amazoness instead.
<< Anonymous
I lose because of lava golem way more than the swordswoman.


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Girag 1
Is he the guy with the hands?
give flip turner
banish it
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