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All the comments of E hero hate hurts my soul so bad
current E heroes aren't as bad as people think but I would love more support for them.
<< Anonymous
the support for E HEROes is pretty bad though.
the skills that would benefit E HEROes have a condition thats a tad too steep for them
<< Anonymous
Heroes got cucked super hard. We only got 3 worthwhile destiny hero cards, with one of of them being semi limited as a lv 40 reward, and 2 of E. Heroes best cards are either stuck as a garbage skill that will never see any use, or not even given to the players at all.... GIVE US MIRACLE FUSION KONAMI YOU BASTARDS!
<< Anonymous
God, Destiny heroes got shafted so hard i almost forgot about it because of how forgettable they are right now.



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if you know what i mean *cough* yubel *cough*
Not very well more than likely, i see synchro's being very unpopular from the start when the...
How the hell is Clear Mind not a Skill?
Stop that (Aster lover)
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