9th Full Box: Primal Burst

I want to run a gem-knight deck. What is the skill that best go along with it?
Duel, standby can give you extra card. I think that would be fine. But I still don't recommend to play with it, since they are not good much.
3SD or Mind Scan
Maybe one of the skills to get you a poly to hand. When you lose lp ?
Best skill for any fusion deck is duel,standby as you can draw into your fusion material fodder and spell easier. The gem knight build with volcanic shell and the pyro gem knight is best.
<< Anonymous
It's clear that you don't know what are you talking about at all lol.
Definitely fusion time a Jayden skill
<< Anonymous
I think any skill that requires you to lose LP to activate is begging for a OTK. This format is currently all about rushing the field now.

Best way to get Poly? Plan a good deck with Poly searchers, Polymerization and draw cards.

A 20 card deck with 3 polys, Blazeman, etc has a higher chance of pulling off a 1st turn fusion combo
<< Anonymous(TrialnError)
I run gem knight with 1 poly and 3 fusion trap. 50% OTK
<< Anonymous
"50% OTK" --> In Gold or Legend?
<< Anonymous(Techno)
Um, alright? Doesn't mean u have to be a cunt basket about it.
Master of fusion when you lose 1800 life points draw 1 poly
Jaden and aster Phoenix has it
I tend to run 3 poly 1 beast king of swamp 1 fusion sage. With mirror walls. This gives me usually a 1/4 chance of getting a poly to poly search in hand. Mirror wall with 1 payment is instantly giving one to hand if worse case it’s needed.



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I like your pics kid, keep it up :)
Agree, cowards mods are just protecting their own interest. They have deleted almost every commen...
This guy keeps catching the L's against Bad Aim
materials will stay, that's why XYZ monsters are better than synchro in duellinks
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