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stray lamb OP
I don't think so. In the current playstyle you don't hold many cards in your hand. It's hard do summon this guy and it's not a high chance to inflict battle damage to your opponent if he has a monster on his field and it can be easily countered. USELESS monster
<< Anonymous(Ulle)
First turn stray lamps, set this guy. Enemy plays 1 monster maybe 1-2 set cards. next turn he'll have 1 card left.
And that's the worst case scenario. Best case u kill 4 of his hand cards and it'ss gg.

Don't know what you're smoking :D
<< Anonymous(Bart)
I was thinking about a aggressive playstyle and not setting it. So you wold have summon him, attack and it goes right back to your hand.

But also if it's a set card you have to force your opponent to attack into it and trigger the effect. Not everybody is so stupid to do it (same with Sanga etc)
<< Anonymous(Ulle)
direct attack
good for very aggro direct attack geplay
<< Anonymous(Ulle)
Yeah, that's a problem. If you're setting a 2-tribute monster, nobody smart is attacking it, and there you are, sitting there and waiting your opponent attacks it. If anything I think Yamata Dragon is better.



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