King of Game decks [November 2020]

got to KoG with lunalight too I used photon cerberus
Screenshot deck?
<< Anonymous
It s like the Destiny Draw one posted here, 1 less rabbit and 1 less emerald

Tweak your lp with handtraps, destiny draw what you need, summon cerberus then cat/sabre using either emerald or fox from the deck, hit 2 times for game. You can do it without cerberus just do the lp math correctly

Always remember to select fox then emerald, with that you can chain block your opponent.
<< Anonymous
You don't have to use cat always, sometimes sabre dancer is enough.
Photon Cerberus? Really?

I mean, it's a good generic card, but does it benefit Lunalight deck that much?
<< Anonymous
Faruk Aksoy
It does make Lunalight's OTK smoother, thus win you duels that you would have lost without it.


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1, 2 at most, you only use the card as filler to complete the 20 cards minimum, the box cards are...
How would you even get that out in an aroma deck?
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