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I think it's cool that they would increase the level cap. They should at least let us gain exp a lot more to level up faster.
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The level cap isn't that useful though. If they make it even harder to get from 40-45, then it will become a chore. I'd rather more characters, really haven't gotten many if any? new permanent characters since Christmas.
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we're getting jessie on 28th but i thought bonz was january... yeah it has been a while
Yeah, level cap increase is nice.....but it means nothing for us who struggle to level up chars even with 1 card challenge Vagabonds. Not everyone devote their whole life into leveling up chars 24/7.

For us, what we need is more exp, not a higher cap. For others, what they need is just more constant source of lots of gems, it doesn't have to be a higher cap.
<< Anonymous
In fact, higher level cap doesn't permanently alleviate the gem issue at all, it's only a short-term solution.

Once all your chars are on max level again you'll start struggling to get gems again.....
opinion: A level cap increase is AWESOME! You know why? because it opens the opportunity for them to add limited cards such as Toon Kingdom, DNA Transplant, Magician's Rod, Dark Magic Curtain, Skilled Dark Magician?, and a bunch of others I am missing. Hopefully they'll do that though. And hopefully they do not add OP and incredibly widely used cards like Windstorm of Etaque or Curse of Anubis



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Honestly, the Skill suggestions are usually pretty valid and one of the more common options. Dest...
Glad this card comes in a TINY BOX. I got it just with 200 gems yesterday
I mean, just as SSA etc when their main boxes were released
The one from the current Card Flipper campaign is our second. (The only other one is the Rex leve...
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