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I played the event for days on end, spent over 10,000 cards lottery coins and could not win any "La Jinn". It is for these and other disappointments that I am leaving the game after 9 months playing.
Just a game kid.
Why you havent left after first yugi muto spawn event?
Lol tough luck man
I know what you mean, yesterday, I did the round 9 almost all (except Pegasus) to have the 3 copies of the toon barrel dragon (like 15.000 coins), I can't even imagine how much rounds you need to have just one card of this one, it's really disappointing and I'm also thinking in leaving, it's completely necessary that they rise the chance to get cards, specially in this kind of events.
<< Anonymous
the sad thing is i have like 10+ copies of toon barrel dragon and have no copy of Maha Vailo
Lol Fahk you, who cares about you


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If you can go into rank 4 monsters, summon Abyss Dweller, then set backrow.
You don't need to do Link. Link will do you
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