Jesse Anderson Unlock Event: Awaken! Rainbow Dragon! [May 20 updated]

Wooooooow They completely removed Emerald Tortoise's battle position switching effect. I think that's the first time any card has had an effect completely removed or changed for Duel Links It's an effect that would normally trigger during Main Phase 2, but they could've just made it happen at the end of the battle phase instead of completely removing it. Dang, they neutered the poor turtle
I checked it myself, you're right, they REMOVED the poor turtle's effect.......

Wow, who ever thought they would actually removed a card's effect just for DL.
The royal curse a trap card, also has the text changed.
According to the Wikia, it should affect magic jammer. But your text in Duel Links prevents it from affecting magical jammer and other similar text.
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Because without it you cant summon Rainbow Dragon
I'm surprised they removed it rather than just leaving it there. But removing it is better than editing it to function.

As for Curse of Royal... While my faith in my Google Translate interpretation skills is low, I THINK the newer (mid-2017) Japanese text of Curse says it only negates targeting effects. (I'd guess we'll get it soon in the TCG, probably the next tournament pack if I had to guess.)
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It's always interesting when we get updated text in Duel Links that hasn't happened yet in the TCG. Masked Beast Des Gardius, for instance, has PSCT, even though it's never been reprinted in the TCG. And we got the name changes for Big Core and Muko/Null and Void before the TCG did, too. I still wonder where they source their text from since it's not the official database.


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