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"for no effect"... isn't forcing the opponent to tribute a monster the effect?
Yes, normally forcing the opponent to tribute a monster IS a effect.
That's why this card specifies that "for no effect". It makes this card more valuable.
"For no effect" here means no effect can be activated due to the tributed monster leaving the field.
<< Anonymous
wrong, it means opponent's monster being tributed is a cost. Not an effect.
This card has no effect, so banishing navigation to negate this spell is useless because you can't negate a cost
<< Anonymous
a cost for what? then what is the effect?
<< Anonymous
For no effect means, that it's not a tribute for a tribute summon or ritual summon. That's all.

Further, tributing your monster is a cost. The effect is that your opponent tributes a monster too.
<< Anonymous
Just like lava golem.
Shien cannot negate this card because he can't negate cost.
<< Anonymous
Guess thats wrong, cause Shien negates activation of spell cards, so this one as well ;-).
<< Anonymous(Xeledur)
but you pay the cost before activation, so shien is still tributed even if he manages to negate the effect:
"for no effect".

in that case, a monster whose effect is "when tributed do this" will still be activable because shien negated (for no effect)

the opponent will still have to tribute 1 monster for the cost.
<< Anonymous
You tributing your monster is the cost; tributing your opponent´s is the effect.

In that particular case, you´d sacrifice a monster to trigger the Spell; then, the opposing Shien would negate it.


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