Blue-Eyes Cosmo: deck recipe [Oct 2020]

My (kog) version. - I used to play x2 snipe hunter but realized the rng is bad af and they didn't do much so i replaced them with x1 sphere and x1 silvers cry. - If i had a 3rd cosmo, I'd definitely add it instead of either 1 silver's cry or treacherous. - I may also add another Dragon spirit because sometimes there's no more of it to summon from the deck using white stone.
For me, snipe hunter is just for discarding and setup GY. Destroying opponent's card is a bonus. 3rd sphere & 3rd silvers cry won't help to set up GY/ destroy opponent's card either.
<< Anonymous
I completely agree with you: Snipe Hunter is a fantastic card in this deck.
<< Anonymous(ValleCula)
This card is stinky 🔥

I just lost a duel against Yubel because this ugly shooter threw 6 on the dice three times in a row
<< Anonymous
Getting "6" 3 times in a row means you're lucky, but not in Snipe hunter's case though....lmao
You definitely need snipe hunter - it's the only way besides TTH this deck can get over Decider and obnoxious celtic guard as well
U only got 2x cosmo to if u draw your 5x blue eyes monsters to do something with play protector/snipe hunter or your spirit/Blue eyes will be dead card in hand
<< Anonymous
Not tier 1 and you won't get a lot of points with blue-eyes in WCS regionals.
<< Anonymous
NO! Blue-eyes is just a tier 2.
<< Anonymous
LoL ?
If you are an imbecile, even the best deck will be tier 2 for you. Just saying man.


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Not an anime deck, but it is a hugely popular meta deck in OCG/TCG.
You forgot about adding this icon
I love how Rosemary ignores Sphere Kuribohs and Kiteroids. Shame Aromages aren't strong enou...
You’re fair, asking for the Destiny Heroes that actually can be added, such as Dragoon D En...
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