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I like how this card works in anime. In the anime, well, it's continuous spell, unfortunately, so can easily get rid by s/t removal. This is the effect "Banish 1 card in your Deck face-down. If your opponent activates or Summons a card of the same name during this Duel, you can reveal the banished card to negate the activation or Summon of that card, and destroy it". I like how its effect is omni-negate. Also the banished card cannot be used it for the rest of duel as I can remember and affects both players.
Are you sure it's not Different Dimension Capsule ?
<< Anonymous(Cannotdstart)
The OP was talking about "anime" effect. This was during Yugi & Atem duel.
<< Anonymous
Yeah, the anime version is easily removed, but it's still OP in the anime because who the hell plays backrow removal in anime lol
Yep, if you live in Battle City arc, Kaiba will put all the fvckers who use backrow or backrow removal to jail and get beaten to death, cause all those cards have been forbidden.


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I love these strange cards. Convulsion of Nauture when?
the card doesn't work bro
Make Duel Links great again.
I think OP is just a troll. Every single deck has an answer to annoying spells/traps.
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