Gaia the Magical Knight of Dragons

If this card loses 2600 attack, it'll have 0 and how would it destroy anything to gain it back?
Power of the Guardians.
You're suppose to attack with it 1st before using it's quick effect.
<< Anonymous
One of the Gaia cards can reset its ATK
Ignore everyone else's comment. So far, all the other answers they gave is bs/excess noise.


The card's ability is a double-edged sword. You'll have to use other cards, i.e. traps and spells (such as the aforementioned "guardians") to keep it around.

That said, there is a high levels Gaia Monster card that has a 'quick-effect'; that will tribute the fusion spell to summon it.

<< Anonymous(Hawk)

Ideally, you're supposed to use the Gaia fusion cards rubbish effect to reduce the opponent's attack, and tribute it with a quick summon 'Soldier Gaia', and 'then' attack the opponent's monster for 2600 points of dmg…
<< Anonymous(Hawk)

What's more, the 'last'effect of fusion card (Gaia the Magical…) is more useful.

When it destroys an opponent's monster, it gains a solid 2600+ PERMANENTLY. This is when it's risky ability should be used (to remove dangerous cards, e.g. Alter-BEWD).
<< Anonymous(Hawk)
This is not the REAL ANSWER!!!
Not KoG
Tribute it to the Black Luster of the SDeck.
It will swing 2800 for the win.


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