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Anonymous or good card?
Twilight rose knight (not released)+plant monster->black rose dragon->nuke->dragons mirror->3200 direct. Imo, not bother with this card.
<< Anonymous
You can also use the "Delta Flyer + Trident Warrior/Psychic Tracker" combo to summon Black Rose.
yeah, Dragon Mirror was the first thing that came to my mind. But still, requiring a Dragon Syncro Monster makes it too slow in this speed duel format.
<< Anonymous
it's an extra deck monster so if you can make BRD and have warrior type monsters and still have EX deck space you can slap this one but the dragn's mirror may cause some brick.
<< Anonymous
Assuming you don't have other Fusion monster you can use with Dragon's Mirror, better use Miracle Synchro Fusion instead.

Worst case, you can just set the card as bait and gets to draw 1 if they pop it.


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