Superb Tea Event [Jul 17 - Jul 23]

Optimus Prime
I use an ojama/D-Hero doomlord & Slifer deck to farm Tea. Lock down her monster zones, use infinite hand for extra cards, then BUST ON HER WITH SLIFER to get 6-9K duel assessment.
can u post me your slifer deck?
<< Anonymous(eclyps)
Optimus Prime
If I post a pic, it'll be to big of a file (idky -_-)

Slifer the sky dragon, (2 copies of all of these cards)->ojama country,ojama blue,d-hero doomlord,infinite hand),3 copies of polymerization, & 3 copies of the Ojama trio. So far, I've only lost 3 times using this deck & It tends to work best when using the "Balance" skill.
<< Anonymous(Optimus Prime)
Optimus Prime
The duel assessment will be even better if you can achieve a no damage win & an attack over 5000. The only point bonus you won't get with this deck is a trap card bonus. As long as you can get ojama king or ojama knight on the field within the first 3 turns, you're good to go. just use doomlord to remove her 1 monster from play, then fusion summon another ojama knight or king to lock her m-zones.



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This new update is great and allows more choice when using cyber angels.
Toghter with the skill nerfs, it just shows that Konamai isn't playing their own @@@ing game...
Much needed nerf, too many people were using this skill for plenty of decks. In this new format ...
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