Set Card List: Flame of the Tyrant

Add this card please
You do realize this is a fan website, not the game developers, right? Spamming pictures of cards you want here won't put them in the game.
That card seems way too OP. Not going to be added.
Waaay to OP man it would spoil the game
I don't have to post pictures of cards I want because my dad works for Konami. Sorry kid.
<< Anonymous(Player24)
Player 79
That post was so long ago. This is your own son, wanting some of your cards. Hurry up and croak it.
Too op for duel links lol IYKWIM

However, I think the game needs him
<< Anonymous
Yeah, at this point, with DARK monsters + destruction effect everywhere, we need this card.

(Ironically despite being DM support, since DM is also DARK, this card's first effect also counters DM)


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I'd say that this deck is balanced though, big atk/def but lacking trap protection, unlike t...
I got salty after losing because I played this card.
Can't attack if it use its effect, AND can destroy only 1 monster and nothing else, AND it t...
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