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Why are people saying Rare Hunters and Mind-Controlled Joey will be playable?
They're not, it's just saying that they are duelists you face
<< Anonymous
Some people claim they will be playable in the future.
<< Anonymous(Taylor)
"some people" are wrong. Not all opponents will be unlockable. It's like expecting Tour Guide or Imairuka to be a playable character. They're obviously meant to be NPC-only. I wouldn't be shocked if we got, say, Strings eventually, but generic Rare Hunter and Mind-Controlled Joey are unlikely.
<< Anonymous
But people say all Legendary Duelists become playable. And they think Rare Hunters and Mind-Controlled Joey will be playable too. I don't know why. If anything, they are Pseudo-legendary Duelists.
how can I complete stage mission 14 it says: achieve 3 quick victories using Alexis Rhodes?
<< Anonymous(Darin)
You use Alexis, then choose a lvl10 LD from the gate with weak monsters(tea for example) and then you use a very strong beater deck(1800+ monsters). When you go first, then you set a monster with high def(so the AI attack into it for big damage). Else just attack. Quick Victory is achieved, when you win within 4 turns.



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We need pendulum not this trash event
Is it comfirmed we will get this card?
how genius! we would never think of that!
Poor dark worlds man
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