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How do you get the second alternate artwork in front of the earth. Was it only available on the PC version and not android?
There was an UR event ticket that included it, I think. Maybe UR Dream Ticket?
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Thanks, I would have thought I would have picked it if I saw it in one, it's the only card I don't have a copy of! I'll keep an eye out next dream ticket
Only pc version not android
This alternate artwork card was given to everyone who installed the application on the PC release
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I do recall seeing alt artwork Blue-Eyes on a ticket though. On android. I just don't remember what ticket was it.
<< Anonymous
Probably the very first UR Dream Ticket from way back then, a couple years ago.

That ticket does have the special art cards.

If I knew subsequent UR Dream Tickets will no longer have them, I would have picked the Blue-Eyes card.....


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Yeah I'll take the bait. I'm just gonna pull her then leave.
I'd argue that Master Duel is even worse
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