New player guide: What packs to buy first? [May 2019 Updated]

This is the real mask hero deck If you a f2p try fur hire or other crap deck
Real only to a super competitive player. Anyone who is free to play and wants to play Masked Hero for fun can play it without the expensive traps.
Anonymous No. 2
Holy fck bro! That deck is The Dream!
A complete retard could get KoG with that deck.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Not sure if you're trying to compliment him with that.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous No. 2
I'm putting him down for being a P2W Konami whore and at the same time admiring his expensive and awesome deck.
My deck only missing 2 flood gate and 2 canadia.. :D
<< Anonymous(Jolly)
Me deck only missing 3 Anki :)
The best thing about your journey to KoG with that deck is the deck itself
RIP! 3 floodgates and 3 Canadians nothing can beat those.
My cypher, sphere / normal Kuriboh and DMF laugh on your Deck
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
So how is that a p2w?
I literally open those traps by not paying anything and usingnonly gems given in game
wtf :V
Anonymous No. 2
I'm sick of debating whether this deck is F2P or not.
Regardless, it eats Fur Hire, Vampires, U.A. and other Masked HERO decks for breakfast, and can put up an even fight against Amazoness.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
It's funny how this MH deck falls to a simple Sphere Kuriboh or Treacherous Trap Hole - extremely common card - so... No, it doesn't eats any other deck with good techs.

And no, it definitely doesn't put up an even fight against Amazoness. Sure, you can banish their two Onslaught, but the odds are against you. Good luck drawing your two CC in time to banish their searchable traps.
My yubel deck has a 8/10 record against masked hero decks like this, thank you for relying on a single spell to win games like Cursed seal of the forbidden spell isn’t farmable for free....



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Blue eyes has pretty good matchups against stalls lava golems with cards such vermillion dragon m...
There is no level 50
I use this with survival instinct, I also banish giant rex, and I say bye bye.
I do that to farm people, funny.
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