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Daemon Blitzkrieg
Ah crap, I just looked it up and, while XYZ Dragon Cannon was an obvious no go, Valkerion & RE Metal Dragon can't be summoned by this card because they all have Summoning Conditions. -- XYZ needs its Tag/Combine Fusion thing...also can't be SS from the Grave (Banished is OK) -- Valkerion & RE Metal needs to be summoned normally at least once. Graveyard Fusions seem to be OK, but like 0 mentions of Rituals are cool too. ....are there any Ritual Machine/Rock Types? O.o
seems kind of dumb to put it as part of a whole magnet revamp and not be able to SS valk...i need to see to believe
<< Anonymous
Komoney is still thinking that we summon valikyon using his own effect.
The only monsters currently obtainable in Duel Links that you can use Magnet Reverse on are Valkyrion, Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon, Machina Cannon, VW, VWXYZ, UFOroid Fighter, Panzer Dragon, Labyrinth Tank, Master Diamond and maybe Gradius' Option (not sure how that works in this scenario, but it lacks a hard Summoning condition, so would otherwise be possible).
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Oh, I forgot it can revive banished stuff, so it could also revive a banished XY, XZ, YZ, or XYZ, but not one from the Graveyard.
If XYZ can't not work then go for VWXYZ (it's actually work but it need to be summon on the field first via fusion tag)


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wall of d and canadia have been purchaseable for like a year now in bundles.
It looks like they fixed the wording after the update, but I still got damaged after excavating a...
try farming Jaden like a sane person.
Complete hot garbage
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