Atticus Rhodes (Fubuki)

From this moment, we know what's Fubuki sama's battle theme.
If they really go through with it it'll be extremely disappointing as it's just copypasta. It doesn't fit him, doesn't fit Tyranno and especially doesn't fit Sho.
<< Anonymous
how come you are so sure about that huh? maybe they will change it when the character has his first roaming event
Remember vampires are fun too
<< Anonymous
lol this guy who mentions the music is really dumb, imagine adding the music to the game like 1 year before the character is released. Fail.
That gems


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Yep. They didn't update Armored White Bear. Same story for some of Sherry's cards like ...
I understand. You don’t need to prove yourself anymore now that you got the icon.
This card is very under rated equip Buster Rancher Spell card and low stat problem isn't muc...
This would be dope if it's quick effect so forbidden lance, harpie's hunting ground, le...
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