Frog OTK: deck recipe

what if your opponent set a Enemy Controller or Windstorm of Etaqua before you activate Des Croaking or if he has a Ebola in his hand ? This deck suppose to be 🔥ed then ?
You have 3 monster and you only need to wait 1 more turn whats matter
It's last gamble deck
Had this E-Con problem several times now. You bring your opponent down to 200 and maybe he can come back, but most of the time you can still save yourself. And I have to say that last gamble isn't really needed. With the help of Skreetch and T.A.D.PO.L.E you can thin your deck so fast and Treeborn gives some extra protection.
<< Anonymous(Ulle)
I agree. I woudnt choose Last Gamble as my skill. Off the top of my head, i could imagine Beatdown being a great skill for this deck. Or at least, it would be a lot of fun to use
I storm the back row before summoning des frog and as for sphere kuriboh smoke grenade of the bandit + storm combo will take care of that
<< Anonymous
Not if they econ take after u pop des croaking then your frog they took gets destroyed too thats y u storm back row before summoning des frog


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How did you summon them? By the effect of a battlin boxer card? Maybe said effect locks you to on...
You are fired!
You're seriously underestimating it, lol
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