Paradox Brothers unlock event: Guardians of the Gate

This event has ended now, See you next time papa bros, Nice event and rewards :)
WTF?! Are you playing 24/7?!
<< Anonymous(Ulle)
These kids got no life. Poor fellows. Play a mobile game 24/7.
Worst thread i've ever seen
You must have poor all your money on duel orbs lol.
<< Anonymous
No, i didn't do that.
I collected maze keys just from SD,LD, and vagabond in duel world, not spent any duel orbs/ boosted duel orbs.
But i managed the maze keys wisely, so when i had i time, i farmed paradox with always got +8k DA. So i can got that points and rewards. Btw i have a job, i don't spent all the time playing DL. So don't be a retard by commenting & judging someone like that :)
<< Anonymous
Dude. Its 18 million score. Fact can't lie. What you expect us to believe? Lol
Player J

There is no shame in spending money on a game!

The game is your hobby & you are spending a few bucks on your hobby.

There is nothing wrong with that!

In fact, The game needs people to spend money on the game so they can remain in business.

They depend on repeat customers!

Thousands of people spent money on duel orbs/ boosted duel orbs.

Don't let the negative people upset you!

<< Anonymous
Who cares if he did. I have 170 orbs (which you can't buy) because I hardly need them. I save my level ups for events in case I need more keys to beat it or farm cards.
Your deck ?
Will it come back?
What deck did u use



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