Yubel Nephthys: deck recipe

This is still my No.1 most hated deck of all time. Cowards are using this to waste time.
Your Subconscious
Sounds more like a 🔥 excuse that you cant beat this deck.
Its ridiculous how easy it is to get over this.
Cry more samurai players xD your tears are delicious.
<< Anonymous
Six Sams can easily beat any Yubel deck
<< Anonymous
Nah I haven’t lost to a six Sam yet, I’ve been using this deck since the box first dropped


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Could be, but it seems a bit strange the we got characters like Blair, Sartorius, and Yubel witho...
I think that darklord card effect does not start a chain so you can't negate it. It's l...
banlist is the thing people care the most so more tournaments please
Someone can probably still use it. My bet would be on Triamids if they can wait a turn, and maybe...
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