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i had approximitally 290 ex jewels but event event),jewels are unavailable.where are my jewels?
I love dumb people like you the games tells you MANY different time they expire you deserve to lose all ur ex gems
<< Anonymous
You 🔥ing 🔥, eat a pile of 🔥 and die mother🔥er. No wonder your mother despises you and no one bothers to love you.
<< Anonymous
Ya 🔥 that guy for not useing his ex gems


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Why the F he has gagaga girl as level up reward.
Can you use this for Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon?
Dark magician easily evades the banlist.takes out the semi limited dark magician of illusion and ...
I only just unlocked the Game Mat. I aim to get the Title, so tonight, I'm hardcore grinding...
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