Power of the Tributed (Skill)

Description When you sucessfully Tributed Summon ""The Winged of Ra", its ATK will becomes the sum of the ATK of the Tirbuted Monsters, and its DEF will becomes the sum of the Tributed Monsters." so if i tribute 3 monsters the def becomes 3 ? guess they missed something there xD
I hope youre not serious
Duel Linker
No. Just no. Let's say, your three monsters have
Then Ra's attack will be the sum of the tribute material's attack, 3300.
And Ra's defense will be the sum of the tributed monster's defense. 4200.
Technically, you're not wrong since it just says the sum of the tributed monsters, which is 3. Their way of writing English just isn't complete.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Not sure if this is your attempt to be a smartass, but Gamea (not the game itself though) left out that the sum is of the def of the tribute monsters. (hence the poster only mentioning def)

To put a different way it's not a misunderstanding of math but a critique of the sentence structure or whatever (not the biggest fan of that so not certain if's it's a correct critique but it seems so)
<< Anonymous
"Technically, you're not wrong since it just says the sum of the tributed monsters, which is 3."
No, it says the SUM of the ATK/DEF of the tributed monsters. Not just the sum of the monsters. It CLEARLY says sum of ATK/DEF.
can you stupid 🔥s actually read or think at all?
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Such a 🔥ous thread.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Grand Master
Its a joke, enjoy it, dont take it so seriously
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Well you did have to make an edit, so...


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Because you don't have 3 copies of it in your deck. F2P players usually have only 1-2 copy ...
Always the same cards in every deck..... Gouki deck wit a psychic mosters XDXDXD
I kind of wish Life Stream Dragon was obtainable
anyone else notice that some decks in the shop are still behind a pay wall this game is a con
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