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why does this card not just destroy/ban but also cancel my spell trap cards?? i activate my effect, opponent plays cosmos, effect is canceled, card banned happened for example with "gates of dark world"
Because Cosmic Cyclone is an Ultra Rare card. Thus it is very efficient.
If the Spell/Trap isn't continuous, 99% of the time its effect won't get negated.
Bruh, its a field spell, with an ignition effect
banished* negated*
Because your opponent used a CC that he obtained using money, thus increasing its activation priority against cards that didn't cost money to be obtained.
Steo Kiaba
It's related to the new rules changes, I guess.
See the details duellinksmeta[dot]com/news/new-rules-changes/
<< Anonymous(Steo Kiaba)
I see. P2W player base was losing too much against F2P one, so they had to adapt the rules to put the F2P player base in their place.
<< Anonymous
You know the rules originates from OCG, right
You should learn how continuous spell or trap and field spell works. This ruling is not just for CC but all S/T remover as well

They need to be face up to ACTIVE AND RESOLVE THE EFFECT. If they somehow remove your card from the field when you active it, it never resolved which mean no effect in the end. You still pay cost btw
The flow somehow looks like this:

Activation--->activation cost--->chaining phase--> resolving phase.

In your case, the gates of dark world never resolve the effect since it was the last to be resolved, and just before it resolved, the card disappear which result nullified the effect.


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