Alexis Rhodes

Anonymous 18days ago
Mai is no longer Queen of Boobs on duel links, bye Mai. Welcome Alexis!
Malefic 18days ago
But Ishizu still the Queen of Thiccness, and her JP voice... Best!!
Anoymous 15days ago
Mai hotter imo. And alexis voice is so annoying lol
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 15days ago
As if you like Mai... Madison and Alyssa are way better and theyre standard duelists...
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 15days ago
Madison very cute . dialogue Alexis with chazz very funny she don't want accept he luv .
Anoymous 10days ago
OMG are you really talking about this stuff
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 10days ago
^ yes faggot



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I did try that, however I found it bricked a little harder, if anything you may want to ditch one...
How can anyone think invisible cards are ok?!?!?
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