Jesse Anderson Unlock Event: Awaken! Rainbow Dragon! [May 20 updated]

As much as I love Crystal Beasts as an archetype, summoning Rainbow Dragon is almost impossible in this format. Magical Merchant and Grass ain't helping much... Also, Jesse's exclusive skill is pretty underwhelming.
Well i would say that it actually is possible with like 30 cards deck and the spell card that forces you to Put cards into the graveyard until it equals your enemys Decks card number

A Feather of the Pheonix for the determined ones.
I've actually managed to build a deck that can summon Rainbow Dragon regularly enough - and if not, makes it possible to win without it. Just gotta know the right combination of cards to use and I gotta say, it's definitely fun in KOG.
<< Anonymous
ITs called grass...You're literaly responding to a comment that says "Grass isn't helping" by saying "you should use grass"...🔥 autism.
<< Anonymous(Andrecito)
pls show me. I only got a crap crystal deck with grass where i could never play Rainbow dragon. For a monster that is so easy to overcome in this meta, the summoning is quite hard.
<< Anonymous(Andrecito)
Can you please upload the deck list?
Im really interested
<< Anonymous(Andrecito)
Que cartas vc usou ?
I play an all crystal beast deck and just played my dragon just fine


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Maintaining the status quo I see, why don't you shut down the servers already instead?
This deck is only for new players who can get 3x navigation buying this 3 time doesn't do an...
After February is over and I can get the ten consecutive KOG icon, I am seriously done with tryin...
Kagemucha.. es mucha pero solo uno.
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