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... ... It's basically 🔥tier bubonic vermin that requires a tribute to normal summon. Why is this even a thing? I thought cards got better over time
this card was used in some meta decks back in the day like zombies because of its ability to get a dark monster on the field.
this card was great in the tcg but duel links...not really
the longer this game goes on the better this card will be, for now he will okay with summoning destiny hero plasma if we have an easy way of sending him to the grave
<< Anonymous
We do have Destiny Draw, so we can easily discard this card from our hands to draw two cards, then we can banish it to special summon.
<< Anonymous(Lathryn)
IF we draw Destiny Draw b4 2nd Malicious. And why Komoney only gave us 2 malicious?!?!
It's making fusion summoning less taxing
<< Anonymous
First of all, completely different. Vermin summons when it's flipped, Malicious lets you choose when to use the effect. Secondly Mali is much better. Using mali+d-draw = +3. "But what if i don't have d-draw" use dangerous to pitch malicious and send dreamer if you need protection or celestial to draw. Can also be kicked with vyon and then special as a mask change target. Comparing Mali to trash...
<< Anonymous
choose when to use the effect *from grave*. My bad, left out the important part
<< Anonymous
Malicious with destiny draw is a +1 but ok...


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If you can go into rank 4 monsters, summon Abyss Dweller, then set backrow.
You don't need to do Link. Link will do you
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