Yami Bakura

A waste of time trying to get that destiny board skill. I farmed 2 days long on all LD all lvls, over 4000 keys used and i still didnt get that skill, i think the drop rate is like 0.01% or lower
Try to beat level 40 duelist with score 7000 above the there is high chance of obtaining the skill...
geoff 27days ago
I remember when i first started farming for skills in sep sometimes it takes a bit dude rng is a sometimes it took Joey damn near a month to drop last Gamble for me that was the first skill I farmed for now i have every skill for original yugioh series character except marik and odion
Anoymous 24days ago
Only 4k keys you already complaint. Too week.
Anoymous 24days ago
I got that skill from lvl. 20 street LD, and with only 5k assesments.
JU5T1C3 23days ago
Good idea to use LD events for skill farming, I got destiny board, duel standby, and other common skills from Bonz



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this is pretty good seriously
Not gonna breastfeed you. Check in-game notification
Tag Duel 175
You must be fun at parties
nice card, can't wait to put it in my dino deck
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