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Bleeeasee can someone figure out Luna's missions yet? She's the only one I really want! Is it possible it involves summoning fairy monsters? That's the only thing I can think of.
It could be field spells because thats what ancient fairy dragon is good at
<< Anonymous(Trihexa)
Well considering I've been using Aromages this whole time I'm either close to proving that true or it's something else instead.
<< Anonymous(Berri)
Berri, try using field spells with Leo, I think he might be the key to getting her unlocked
<< Anonymous
I haven't unlocked him yet... I just got to rank 10. I'll try when I get him.
New Flash
Attention people according to reddit to unlock luna: Win 100 duel with Leo
<< Anonymous(New Flash)
Okay, well that finally answers that. Thanks dude! ^_^
<< Anonymous(Berri)
All I use is Aromage I've played field spells at least 50 times so i don't think so it may be fairies though... I hope not



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learn to read... On top already stated 24 January 2019. This info is also based on leaks.
You can use gate blocker to prevent that annoying A-counter
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konami execs fiddle 12 yolds
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